Tv- Media- Machinima

Old Europe was created to use all aspects of the virtual worlds platform including design ,object creation. public events and broadcasting connecting to and creating with this technology a useful tool for main stream  media. Along this journey there has been exposure of virtual productions for the main stream media and validation of the usefulness and it's potential. The use of the virtual platform for commercial media productions and the use of mass main stream media to increase the virtual world user base. The following are the uses and real life examples of these efforts taken at Old Europe in second life.

commercial shot at Old Europe,  real life
 composite active rotation Telemundo-NBC Universal

Demo for Kiss-FM Chicago Coke-Cola lounge 

generic template for web-tv

Coca-Cola Lounge Chicago demo

PRO-TV visits Old Europe interviews Rux Anatra starting at minute 6:25

LCD Signage design programming