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Reservations for the Summer 2018 Full Permissions Fairs 
dates TBA now being accepted no cut off date         
Now taking reservations: Contact Up4 Dawes or Rux Anatra inworld 
 or IM  (Keith Bemis) @The Full Perm group on Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/groups/764547213617221/
sizeable fair discount and fair exclusives recommended 
ALL Categories of full perm accepted  

Full Permissions Fairs 
The fairs and hunts hosts organized for Old Europe Village are now reserving market spaces for this wonderful opportunity to increase your stores sales, expose your brand to the designer community, and grow your brands group..Many creators participate at Old Europe's full permissions fairs because they get results. The full permissions fair was the first one of it's kind in Secondlife and  has started it's seventh year for this very popular event. Many full permissions creators have returned fair after fair to this enchanting region to participate. The rules are simple no special discounting or special pricing,limited editions, or contributed free items are required or mandatory for participation in the fair but a fair special price for a item or exclusive items,is strongly encouraged. All sales decisions and individual creators promotions are left to the store owners.The fair organizers will  promote the fair daily on various platforms using creators supplied ads or fair organizers will create ads.Those creators with the best value and discounts for fair customers will be promoted more.  The default themed market carts are all the same size and style,store owners can decorate or modify or bring their own carts designed for their individual style yet need to be within approx original cart dimensions. A modifiable cart and also a store poster,graphics for bloggers etc. will be sent to the Old Europe Market Fair group so you may setup off site. Prim allowance is 60 price 2500L,double space with double prims 120 price is 4500L payable to Up4 Dawes or Rux Anatra along with your stores business logo square or rectangle and group invite will be sent to you.No refunds issued only for duplicate payments.
        Location slurl in second life  

  Fairs and hunts & Full Permissions Fair Promotions 

 Popular secondlife web blogs and also inserted into the blogger feeds that reach and advertises the fairs and hunt ad's on bloggers pages, ad boards located at heavy traffic sims. Listed fair participants items at OldEuropeVillage.blogspot.com, The Full Perm facebook group,The Full Perm SL group  also fairs are listed on daily events in Second Life five times daily,as well as tweeted.and plurked and fair event sent to flickr SL event groups. also Posted to more than sixty facebook fashion and designer groups. 
 The Bloggers box at front entrance media center can store owners ad's and new releases, fair specials, info and pictures in the prims contents for easy access by fair participants to add promotional materials and also easy  for bloggers to use.This free service insures your items will be blogged and sent into the feeds and facebook groups.Creators logo's are also displayed on a animated scripted loading dock crates horse and wagon,warehouse scene-ride that is the most complex built moving cargo message  interactive sign in SL.


Designers appreciate the easy setup and direct interaction with the fair organizers at Old Europe's fairs and hunts and also the less restrictive and mandatory exclusivity of event content. All pricing and exclusivity of content is left to the participating designers judgement. All fairs with a hunt event do require that participating designers join in the hunt and include a free hunt item of their choosing.This requirement is to stop any confusion and the added steps needed when only some designers carts have hunt items.
Designers receive attached to the group's notice, a fair package with the themed hunt object inside to place their item in and set object to sell for zero lindens the content only.Also included in the fair package is a fully modifiable cart,store posters,and fair graphics they may use to promote their businesses attendance at the fair.
   Prim allowance 60 price 2500L payable to Up4 Dawes or Rux Anatra along with your stores business logo. A group invite will be sent to you after payment is received.

        past  fair posters and video promotions 

Treet Tv's Happy Hunting program visits Old Europe's 
All About Autumn Fair and Acorn HUNT September 20th 2013
Interview with Up4 Dawes covers the acorn hunt  the fair
Doc Martin virtual Portwenn 
starting at minute 16 

Treet Tv's Happy Hunting program at 
Old Europe show host Cinders Vale interviews umbrella hunt
fair organizer Up4 Dawes starting at minute 18 

Treet tv's Happy Hunting show with host Cinders Vales visit 
and get a tour from Up4 Dawes of the 
first acorn hunt at Old Europe in 2011 starting at minute 20

          Visitor Attractions at Old Europe and...more

        Always dancing with the regions intan system at the village square .The  flying tour soars over the castle and fair grounds of this enchanting region and the river boat tour takes couples for a ride on the rivers surrounding Old Europe under a canopy of tree's with singing birds and nature sounds, the colorful flowers,and themed past rustic homes.The Golden Oriole village store has free beauitfully painted pottery given to visitors after sitting at potters wheel two minutes and animating is popular with newbies and oldsters are thirty three different types to collect and give as gifts. copy/trans Ride the themed ferris wheel, view the lightshows.
   If you like Action/ visitors can rezz FREE WW1 airplanes behind the castle and fly the skies and dogfight with others shooting them down with the planes gun down in a black plume of smoke with audio effects, for added fun FREE parachutes can be worn also available at the airstip behind the castle and will open automatically if your avatar is above 100 meters and is falling.

 CLOSED /great themed real life tv series location

                                         Doc Martin Portwenn Port Isaac UK re-creation (inactive)
Click link above for CNN iReporter Janey Brackens visit to virtual Portwenn...

  Over the bridge onto connected region sunrise high at Old Europe visit the re-creation of the ITV television series Doc Martin's village of  Portwenn based on real life Port Isaac UK  .Have a drink at Al and Bert Large's restaurant over-looking the village and harbour. Also make pottery at  Port Isaac Pottery, Dance on Fore street at the Slipway restaurant visit Doc's surgery up the hill. Play media channel to hear Doc Martins theme by Colin Townes.  
                                                        "all the seasons call this home"

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