Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Spring Full Perm Fair February 5th - 29th at Old Europe

Location in Secondlife SLurl:

February 5th - 29th
The Spring Full Perm Fair at Old Europe features the top creators of full permissions fashions,furniture,building components-templates ALL CATEGORIES- 40 Creators will be offering their newest releases,fair exclusives and special discounts for the fair. SHOP-COMPARE-$AVE! JOIN The Full Perm group at the entrance and grab the great FREE full perm gifts.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Creators Invitation to JOIN The Spring Full Perm Fair-February 5th - 29th 2016 at Old Europe

    Full Permissions content Creators biggest full perm event in SL in it's 6th year
           All categories of full perm content
         The Spring Full Perm Fair MESh-Sculpties-Textures-Poses-Animations

 Market  Fair at Old Europe Village

The  Spring Full Perm Mesh Sculpties-Textures Fair at Old Europe Village is now reserving market carts for this wonderful opportunity to increase your stores sales, expose your brand to the designers  community, and grow your brands groups and increase traffic to your main store...Many creators participate at Old Europe's fairs because they get results.The full permissions fair is starting it's sixth  year for this very popular spring event that gives designers the time to buy at the fair release and promote their spring and summer creations. Many full permissions creators have returned fair after fair to this enchanting region to participate. The rules are simple no special discounting or special pricing , exclusive, limited editions, or contributed free items are required for participation in the fair but a fair special price for a item or items,is strongly encouraged but not mandatory The Market carts are all the same size and style ,store owners can create their own cart or decorate or modify  carts to their individual style staying within approx original dimensions.
 A modifiable cart and also a store poster,graphics for bloggers,promotions  etc.. will be sent to the Old Europe Market Fair group so you may setup off site. Prim allowance 60 the price 2500L  includes the entire length of the fair.  Fair fee's can be  paid directly  to  Up4 dawes or Rux Anatra send along  your stores business logo any size  and a fair group invite will be sent to you. Setup starts February 2nd  anytime.
Information ,market cart, posters communications will be sent to the Old Europe market group  
To Join send your stores logo (full perm) and payment  directly to Up4 Dawes or Rux  Anatra  you will be added to the Old Europe Market group and added on the list of participants.

 Thank you; for your participation in past fairs and we welcome new full creators to profit and expose their brand to a wide audience of buyers.SPECIAL NOTCE: We will have a section named 'The BunnY Hole'and all participating fair creators may rezz up to four items there that are discounted at least 66.6 percent off. This was located the graveyard last fall and named 'A Hell Of A Deal' it attracted great traffic to the fair and sales for the participating creators.This is free to creators..

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Silent Nights Christmas Decorations Store 25% Off SALE! starts Nov 21st-Dec 24th 2015



TRY THIS TREE! at Silent Nights Decorations has created a unique and interactive
different Christmas tree, you and your friends can choose the beauitful sculptie ornaments from the box and one by one click the lit spot where you want it on the tree. All your friends can help decorate this tree then you clear the tree to start over choosing a different color or shape pattern,or clear one ornament at a time. Comes with gift boxes to decorate on tree bottom.Available in three sizes small five meters, medium eight meters,a LARGE 20 meter. Trees come in a green or a snowy version. Also look at all the other unique decorations at Silent Nights,like the OCCUPY CHRISTMAS PEACE ELF with couples animation guitar playing with sound of Give Peace a Chance.Also a 8 person flying sleigh take all your friends to fly over the snowy rooftops and  deliver those presents,crosses sim borders fully loaded nicely.Also gingerbread house,candles, Wreaths,log cabin with animated falling snow in couples sit bay windows, and also has intimate menu

Slurl Location:


FULL Permissions Christmas  Decorations at Ruxy Full Permissions New Release From Up4 Full Permissions Poses 'Decorating The Christmas Tree' set of four m/f poses   

NEW RELEASE designers can sell as ice skates or boots or both

Beautiful classic glass ornaments $AVE all full perm 

$AVE popular designs of classic ornaments - Full Perm

Cute and nicely detailed realistic ambient occlusion

Great Santa or Elf hats get all five models great folds
 and ambient occulsion for realism

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