Old Europe Shoppes

 Shopping at Old Europe during fairs and hunts is fun... 

The shoppes listed below are the 
village shoppes and always present and open

Old Europe has some fine merchants of fashion, 
home and garden, full permissions content, 
pianos and organs,poses, unique buildings and structures
 listed below are descriptions of the listed stores 

Zuri's shoppe in the village square sells fine jewelry 
many combinations of beauitfully set stones
with unique patterns. Zuri's also is a great place
 to shop for those his and her's wedding jewelry sets

Store owner Rux Anatra of Ruxy designs creates womans
 fashions with originality, personality and quality
 An accomplished and experienced
 original content creator of mesh

Currently Vacant - Available for rent 

Rux Anatras original mesh fashion designs are sold here and 
other full perm decorations for holiday landscaping  

The Golden Oriole store has unique steampunk period  gadgets ,
large building structures and some scripted items that are truely original 

Located inside RUXY Full Permissions Stores 
low prices interesting theme packs for your creations 

Flames store sells womans fashions from gowns to casual
outfits very playful  and stylish 

Princess Mogers shoppe sells Classic woman's dresses with vibrant
colors and styles and sold with full permissions 

Madame Thesipan a longtime SL resident shoppe 
at the front entrance sells piano's,organs and also sheet music
Madames shoppe also sells victorian era furniture and lamps.
Madame a SL resident since 2002 created the first piano in SL

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