Homes-castle rentals


         Come and live at Old Europe    

          Rental homes on private parcels allow media and audio streams

                    Access and use of all forests, parks, airstrip,village

              Use of castle's main grand hall for events (free)

                               Villagers of three months or longer receive free cart in fairs

       River boat tour, airplane dogfighting game

             Dancing ferris wheel, dancing and events area

                           Store rentals, four seasons active theme with landscaping,and events
                  "all the seasons call this home"
                     Next event All About Autumn Fair w/ Acorn hunt
                 Sept 20th - October 14th 2013
         Join us at Old Europe and rent from a list of three beauitful homes a windmill house a chalet, and a two story with beautiful river views. Each home with it's own unique character, fireplaces balconys,pier or lofts also homes have their own private parcel for you to setup your own media streamsor  Live in a castle suite. Old Europe is a  mature rated sim going onto it's 6th year that hosts events some of which are seasonally themed and are often listed in the Lindens Destinations guide and many various media outlets. When you are a resident at Old Europe you may join a creative community that has a low turnover rate, with helpful supportive builders, are respectful of your privacy.
Home rentals start as low as 700L weekly.  Also available are two castle suites with their own complete floors with surrounding balconies and private entrances. Each castle suite also includes it's own tower
1600L weekly

Please visit Old Europe and at front entrance click ad sign Live at Old Europe and you'll receive notecard with the homes teleports, pictures prim allowance and prices  

Chalet house next to
village have coffee and
people watch 2nd floor all windows

Front entrance working drawbridge
to majestic castle main hall 

River house has loft,fireplace
wonderful open 2nd story balcony
with lovely views of the river

Front grand private entrance of
3 floor castle suite private
surrounding balconys each suite
 comes with a tower

Windmill house rustic luxury
on the riverwith fireplace
private pier,walled yards to landscape
and a windmill 

south balcony of 2nd floor castle suite
complete privacy beauitful views 

balcony views of 1st floor Grand hall
camera view is narrowed from real
Live at Old Europe and use
this for events(free)


Forestwalkers Too said...

These are wonderful spots! From the castle balconies you can easily watch festivities int he village while maintaining privacy in your home..


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