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           Visitor Attractions at Old Europe 

 Always dancing in the village square with the  intan system The birdsnest  flying tour soars over the castle and fair grounds of this enchanting region and the river boat tour takes couples for a ride on the rivers surrounding Old Europe under a canopy of tree's with singing birds and nature sounds past colorful flowers,and  rustic homes.
  The Golden Oriole village store has free beautifully painted pottery given to visitors inventory after sitting at the potters wheel approx two minutes as your avatar animates. Popular with newbies and oldsters there are thirty three different types to collect and give as gifts. copy/trans. Ride the themed ferris wheel, view the lightshows during events.
   If you like Action/ visitors can rezz FREE WW1 airplanes behind the castle and fly the skies and dogfight with others shooting them down with the planes gun down in a black plume of smoke with audio effects, for added fun FREE parachutes can be worn also available at the airstip behind the castle and will open automatically if your avatar is above 100 meters and is falling.

  Doc Martin Portwenn Port Isaac UK re-creation (currently inactive)
    Click link above for CNN iReporter Janey Brackens visit to virtual Portwenn...
 over the bridge onto connected region of Old Europe Sunrise High (slurl below)  visit the re-creation of the ITV television series Doc Martin's village of  Portwenn based on real life Port Isaac UK.  Have a drink at Al and Bert Large's restaurant over-looking the village and harbor or make pottery at  Port Isaac Pottery, Dance on Fore street at the Slipway restaurant visit Doc's surgery up the hill. Play media channel to hear Doc Martins theme by Colin Townes.  
                                               "all the seasons call this home"

     Attractions: action/games -

The largest and most complex scripted interactive ride -
mechanical cargo delivery system in second life

Dancing in the village square 

Winter in the village ice skating  ramp logo FREE skates

Fly FREE  WW1 airplanes shoot others down

Summertime village square

Live concert held at Old Europe village square
produced by Katenali Lytton  

Summertime at the village square 

Ice skating ramp in rink at village square 

Live concert in village square 

japanese events at Old Europe season schedule

Japanese kibuki theatre LIVE at village square 

Live japanese kibuki theatre held in village square 

Ice skating in village square rink

'making pottery' potters wheel  at Golden Oriole shoppe

Christmas tree and lightshow in the village


Silent Nights decorations -  Halloween store upper sim  

Old Europe autumn from entrance 

easter artist and his chickie

Summerfest  market in village square 

spring market fair and umbrella hunt

Al and Bert large's restaurant at Portwenn 

Portwenn chemist Mrs Tishells. place..

Valentines day Tower of Love 14 avatars connected in ballons  

homes and properties to rent at Old Europe poster

Treet Tv's visit and interview with UP

Largest scripted animated interactive ride scene in SL

Village square ice rink and tree

Christmas time at village from front entrance
A winter visitor at the front entrance\

Lin at Winter light show at village

"all the seasons call this home" 

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Forestwalkers Too said...

What an awesome trip down memory lane. Great pics of so many fun times! The village of Old Europe was the very first sim I landed in at my first logon to SL.

Want to take your date ice skating? Want to explore? Shop? Meet new people? Great place to do it, and enjoy the north american seasons..