Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Reservations For The Christmas-Winter Full Perm Fair November 26th - December 12th 2021 are OPEN.


The full perm seasonal fairs organized and sponsored by The Full Perm group are now taking reservations for market spaces for this wonderful opportunity to increase your stores sales, expose your brand to the designer community, and also increase your store notice rights in the biggest full perm group of nearly six thousand members from once weekly to three weekly and grow your own brands group. Many creators participate in the full perm fairs because they get real sales results. The full perm fairs were the first one of it's kind in Secondlife and  has started it's tenth year for this popular and well visited event. The guidelines are a fair special price for a item or exclusive item(s) is strongly encouraged creators with exclusives, the best value and discounts,free gifts for fair customers will be promoted more.The fair organizers will  promote the fair daily on various platforms both within SL and event blogs with paid advertising.
Creators may decorate,modify the default market cart or bring their own booths designed for their individual style yet need to be within approx original cart dimensions.A full perm sample market cart, store sign with LM giver to the event as well as posters,graphics of various sizes for creators own ads will be sent to the rezz group OldEuropeMarketFair  attached as part of the fair kit object. 
Payment for the fair should be sent directly to Up4 Dawes  profile  along with your stores business logo square or rectangle any size  a group invite to the rezz group and confirmation of your payment will be sent to you.No refunds issued only for duplicate payments. Thank you, Up4 Dawes /Full Perm Fair Organizer.