Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Spring 2021 Full Perm Fair Creators Invitation

 READ  to reserve for The Spring Full Perm Fair March 12th - 29th  2021 Setup starts  March 9th.

Single space cart with 60 prims 2500L - Double space with 120 prims 4500L. Pay Up4 Dawes profile directly and you'll receive an invite to Old Europe Market fair rezz group, also send your stores logo full perm any size to Up4 Dawes to be added to list.  

Full Permissions Fairs 
The full perm group's MidWinter Full Perm Fair January 8th - 24th 2021 is now reserving market spaces for this wonderful opportunity to increase your stores sales, expose your brand to the designer community, and grow your brand's group..Many creators participate in our full permission fairs because they get results. The full permissions fair was the first one of it's kind in Secondlife and  has started it's 10th year for this very popular event and many full permissions creators have returned fair after fair to participate. The rules are simple no mandatory special discounting or special pricing, exclusives or contributed free items are required for participation in the fair but fair special discounts, free gifts and price items, exclusives or a flat discount for everything you offer in the fair is strongly encouraged and will receive more promotion by the fair organizer. The fair organizers will promote the fair daily on various platforms. Fair posters in various sizes will be sent to participating creators in the event to include in their ads. The default themed market carts are all the same size and style, store owners can decorate or modify or bring their own carts using their individual style yet it needs to be within approx original default cart dimensions. A modifiable cart and also a store poster,graphics for bloggers etc. will be sent to the Old Europe Market Fair group so you may set up off-site. 

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