Virtual Old Town Chicago 1960's

   The Virtual Wells Street project for Old Town will be a  immersive user environment and based on the area of North Ave to Evergreen Street on Wells Street in Chicago. The project will re-create the area from the approximate 1964-1968 time period. The East and West buildings and the street it's self will be constructed in 3D   referencing photographs,video and re-collections of the visitors and the people directly involved as resources for the Old Town project. The Old Town neighborhood during that era to be constructed and hosted on a virtual platform that will be accessible to all visitors and at no cost.

           What type of interactive experiences can visitors expect at Virtual Old Town?

  Visitors will be able to virtually walk the sidewalks and chat with other visitors using either typed text or real voice with microphone and speaker capabilities, listen to streamed music and real life streamed music from live performers inside the various clubs, dance using pre-defined automated animations.Visitors will be able to interact easily and animate with various types of objects such as sitting and painting at art easels on the street, making pottery at the potter wheels be able to keep free copies of decorative vases, bowls to their virtual inventory. Art galleries and street art shows will feature work from the present and the era's artists. Visitors may acquire free as well as optionally purchased  items of enhanced clothing,hair,shapes to change from their defaulted avatar appearance. Acquire objects such as musical instruments, posters, head shop items,period furniture to decorate optional virtual residences if desired and much more as well as access to thousands of stores located on the grid offering every style  imaginable many items available free. 
Samples of  womens styles also many mens available 

Area of Wells St to be re-created 

  What will visitors see? 

                                                                                                                                                         Visitors will see and experience Wells street as it was approximately between 1964-1968 The era's street lights, parking meters,street signs, cars and motorcycles of the period. The original buildings.clubs and shops complete with original signage, interior fixtures and items..The 3D immersive environment allows visitors to enter a building view in 360 degrees the walls,doors tables and bar stools to sit at,dance floors to dance. Walk completely around objects with views of  the backs of others and objects walking into an interior not bumping into a picture of it. Designed using  physics technology engine the entry point to Old Town will have billboards listing current and future events also will be clickable links that can open separate pages on users browser to the face book pages, website and blogs pages of same interest pages. 

 The Development Phase Earning Rewards and Acknowledgements

The Old Town project pre-development phase has started. The research and locating the people, images,art and performers of that era and the initial contacts have begun. Virtual land has been designated for the location of  the Wells Street Old Town project. The monetary contributors to the project will be rewarded with free gift cards for in-world virtual merchandise.Content contributors for buildings photos,store item pictures,authentic design consultations will have their name inscribed on the plaque of acknowledgements and venue history located inside each structure. 

      About the VMD developers and experience

The developers of Wells Street Old Town 1960's Keith Bemis and Ruxandra Pescaru
 have been working in the 3D virtual platform for six years creating some of the top rated virtual places and popular events. Old Europe a rustic village with shops that hosts many fairs in-world featuring virtual goods creations that has been attended by thousands . 
The Virtual Portwenn(Port Isaac) in UK village based on the TV series Doc Martin. 
Virtual locations built by the developers have included the Philadelphia, PA PBS television stations MiNDTV
First Television commercials using MMO virtual platform for NBC/Universal Telemundo client LaClinica SC Chicago
Keith Bemis's six year VMD partner history with the Old Town neighborhood extends back to 1960's when he and another member of  his band were asked to be the rhythm section for a audition the Siegel-Schwall band was doing for Mother Blues on Wells St. The Conqueror Worm band was formed in the South Shore neighborhood and played many of  the Uof C  and  Roosevelt University parties and events in Hyde Park  for the various student political organizations such as SDS and others.
The band started playing Wells st. at the Composite on Wells street, Like Young, and The Bowery also playing at the Chicago Seed and Festival of Life events  taking place at Lincoln Park. Regular bookings at The Electric Theater(Kinetic Playground), the Aragon and the various clubs like the Cellar,Wild Goose Clubs,  Uof I Circle  Campus, Coliseum for Johnsons un-birthday during the democratic convention, tour dates and opening act for Cream,Jefferson Airplane,Grateful Dead, Howlin Wolf,Chuck Berry,Iron Butterfly,Byrds and many other large concerts and events of that era as well as recording studio sessions for Conqueror Worm and others.   
Joined Chicago female vocalist Chi Coltrane's band after Conqueror Worm. 
Early computer experience use and business creation  in 1989's using Novell Network installations for retail,accounting, medical  and warehouse distribution clients.Network Administrator for Chicago chain of heath care clinics. Network design and implementation of server and thin client technologies for user base's 100+ clerical,accounting,clinical and legal partners on multiple platforms. 
Development of web-side with Dr. Shawn Wallery Neurologist at Rockford Hospital the 
AMS(American Medical Systems)real world National University school of Health Science,Lombard,IL 
continuing  education for professionals accredited programs in Pharmacological Interactions for both real classroom and web-site education.
 Ruxandra Pescaru  six year partner in VMD has contributed her artistic and technical talents to VMD for the past six years. A award winning artist starting at young age in school in Constanta, Romania Ruxandra's art has been shown in art exhibitions as far away as Japan. After receiving a complete medical school education for dentistry  Ruxandra joined VMD in projects and her talent has developed her into one of the top 3D original content creators where her work is used by the top names in fashion and design for their businesses.

Being Virtual isn't Free

There are costs these are the actual prices paid to service provider for a location with the maximum resources required for the Old Town project.   

Why the Old Town project? 


 We know Old Town represented a convergence point for the energy and vitality of the Chicago area and brought so many together where art, music, politics styles and just the exhilaration of so many choices on the street created a electricity that was in Old Town. 
 We have already built a beautiful Old Europe Village already with a soaring castle, village square, homes, and shoppes and also the Doc Martin Village of Portwenn a re-creation of real world Port Isaac UK both are special but I didn't grow up in either one. The Old Town project is more personal it inspires me to dig deeper and share it with the people that knew it first hand . It's exciting to recollect and find the people with the memories and pictures, with stories  to share and contribute. We hope people will come and experience virtual Old Town, immerse themselves attend the live concerts, art shows and visit the shops, and clubs.People can be creative make suggestions add to the community and meet with others from all over the world.

 Will Old Town be compatible with the newest emerging virtual technologies?

YES! virtual Old Town will be built using the latest 3D polygonal modeling software
 the polygonal mesh will incorporate collision detection and be materials enabled allowing light sources to reflect dynamically on surfaces. Also Old Town will be built using  Oculus rift scaling so that people using Oculus rift will view proportions correctly.