Virtual Portwenn Doc Martin

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Visit this virtual re-creation of the Village where Martin Clunes character plays Doc Martin the village's GP who practices medicine in the village after having been a important surgeon in London and develops a blood phobia. Play media channel for Doc Martin's TV theme by Colin Townes.Walk in the harbor, up doc's street into his surgery, sit and take in the view from Al and Bert's restaurant balcony overlooking the harbour. Make FREE beautiful pottery at the Portwenn (Port Isaac)pottery yours to keep and give away copies to friends there's thirty three different types collect them all..Walk along Fore street sit at the Slipway hotel and outdoor restaurant or dance in the street.  
    Join the Portwenn Effect group group joiner at entrance to be notified upcoming events,stay in touch with other Doc Martin fans in SL and how you can play in and contribute to this new developing community..and also accross the bridge on the connected sim, visit Old Europe with fairs hunts live music,WW1 airplanes you fly and dogfight with others,also rustic themed homes for rent with parcels list available at rezz in area's                                               .."all the seasons call this home"

To join and login into this immersive 3D virtual site go to and get a free account 
after you have downloaded the viewer app start it login become accustomed to walking with your avatar using the arrow key's and paste this address  
in the browser you will see a map of the sim click to teleport to the location if you have questions while you are inside virtual world contact Up4 Dawes or e-mail have a good trip see you in-world...UP

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  Wednesday,October 23,2013  
  At Bert's with Ian Fuller, Bert and more of Bert's tasty wine...Virtual Portwenn now has a sponsor. It appears through some local connections of Bert's ex-PC Mark Mylow
bought this company Big Boy natural supplements INC,Corp,LLC .ORG shortly after his
law enforcement career in Portwenn. Mark has turned the company around using his talent as a spoke man for the company and now he leads this multi-million pound company. I was impressed with their marketing department idea to have a Big Boy photo shot at Large's restaurant. I feel confident about the future of virtual Portwenn now being supported by a respected business..and also confident there will be a season 7 for the Doc Martin series.

Bert Large and Up4 Dawes enjoying the new big LCD screen
at Large's restaurant in virtual Portwenn

Much conjecture about the scenes and meanings on the new Doc Martin season 6 episode one has Up4 Dawes visiting a expert at his restaurant for some real  insight.. 

 Well was a interesting conversation we had, first Bert wanted me to try some new wine he just had shipped to the restaurant. "All natural nothing to dilute the flavor live clean man" Bert gave me a discount was normally 60 usd but said would cost me only 45 quid sounded good to me conversion rate worked out for by the half way point through the second bottle I asked Bert since he was friends with the Doc and Louisa if he thought Louisa would surrender her combative ways with the Doc since now their married..Bert said " You see Louisa is little like huh you know those woman from the old myths that lived in the sea they sang a song they were hmmm if a man heard them he would turn to a column of salt haha so the trick is pretend you hear them and they will pretend they surrendered you see man it all works out..I mean the Ole Doc is kinda like a pillar of salt himself...hahaha"...thats a great insight  Bert ,,"You bet it is always works..hey I'll give you a special really low low price before others discover this new wine for you a case of 24 for only 40 quid" each hmmm 40 is still cheaper than 60 ok a deal Bert , But I need you to do something for me, can you hook up one of those big plasma Tv's here so we can watch TV here and see ourselves in the episodes it will be good right after the Cod special that always brings in the customers"..well Bert sounds like a fair exchange I'll hook up the restaurant this I think it went better than I could have ever expected and I got a case of this wine at a bargin..I think I'll like hanging out there drinking and watching tv with my new friend..

   A few shots of Virtual Port Isaac(Portwenn)