Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The 5th Autumn Full Permissions Fair MESH-Sculpties-Textures-Fashion- Templates-Furniture-Building Components & MORE!


          Full Permissions content Creators your invited to participate 

                send your store logo rectangle or square - payment- and your on the list
              The  Full Perm Fair MESh-Sculpties-Textures-Poses-Animations Market  Fair
                                 September 26th  - October 20th 2014  at Old Europe
                             send payments directly to or contact Up4 Dawes or Rux Anatra

The  Full Perm Mesh Sculpties-Textures Fair at Old Europe Village is now reserving market carts for this wonderful opportunity to increase your stores sales, expose your brand to the Designers  community, and grow your brands groups..Many creators participate at Old Europe's fairs because they get results and the full permissions fair is starting it's fifth  year for this very popular Autumn - event. Many full permissions creators have returned fair after fair to this enchanting region to participate. The rules are simple no special discounting or special pricing , exclusive, limited editions, or contributed free items are required for participation in the fair but a fair special price for a item or items,is strongly encouraged but not mandatory. All sales decisions and individual creators promotions are left to the store owners. The Market carts are all the same size and style ,store owners can decorate or modify to their carts to their individual style staying within approx original dimensions.
 A modifiable cart and also a store poster,graphics for bloggers,promotions  etc.. will be sent to the Old Europe Market Fair group so you may setup off site. Prim allowance 60 the price 2500L  includes the entire length of the fair.  Fair fee's can be  paid directly  to  Up4 dawes or Rux Anatra send along  your stores business logo and fair group invite will be sent to you. Setup starts  September 23rd.

SLurl   http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Old%20Europe/5/207/23

                                                        Fair Promotion
        SeraphimSl.com,  also the blogger feeds that reach and displaying the fair and hunt ad on over forty bloggers pages.,and heavy traffic sims ad boards,,listed at OldEuropeVillage.blogspot.com, also fair and hunt will be listed in the Secondlife destinations guide featured listing, and also the daily events in Second Life five times daily,as well as tweeted. and posted to 35 facebook groups
The Bloggers box at front entrance to Old Europe in the media center has store owners ads and new releases, fair specials, info and pictures for easy access by bloggers use of this free service your items will be blogged and sent into the feeds.Also creators logo's are displayed on a animated scripted loading dock crates horse and wagon,warehouse scene-ride the most complex built in second life..

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