Monday, March 31, 2014

The 4th Spring Market fair & Umbrella HUNT

It's that time of year we have changed Old Europe to the Spring theme. And I'm happy to say this year we had two weeks of  rain lightning thunder and the perfect way to wash all that dirty snow from the village.
Now everything is fresh and  the Spring Market carts are setup the designers have put in the Umbrellas some fantastic FREE gifts. Also the designers have discounted many items some at 50% off to 2/3 the normal prices. Have a look and stop by and remember theres plenty to do at Old Europe. You are have a ride on the ferris wheel in the village square or dance with the intan couples dance balls. Behind the castle you can rezz free WW1 airplanes fly them and they really do shoot each other down and the dog fights over Old Europe can become habit forming.( TIP: theer are free parachutes you can wear and will open automatically from 125 meters if you fall). Take a scenic aerial nest tour over the sim seats two.
Here's a sample of the great free gifts exclusives below.


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