Thursday, March 6, 2014

Spring Market Fair and Umbrella Hunt 2014

March  28th - April  21st at Old Europe


All categories of content invited any permissions 

   Back again! Lasts year's was very successful with good sales and many hunters
 This fair is for all designers with any type of permissions on their objects to sell.

 Hello Designer here's information about this seasonal favorite in it's 4th year.    
 This fair also will be featured on Treet TV's Happy Hunting show ,Linden Labs destinations guide, and Seraphim blog  with large sticky ads at top front pages, ad boards at high traffic locations, bloggers networks, store posters, daily event listings five times daily, SL hunts listings and huntingSL. and more media outlets..    
  TO APPLY for The Fair:  Please send your stores logo either square or rectangle any size plus pay directly  2500L payable to Up4 Dawes or Rux Anatra
you will receive a Old Europe Market Fair group invite. Ten days before the fair starts participants will receive a Fair Kit with a modifiable cart, store posters, and the Umbrella hunt item to place your free hunt item in. Fair setup starts March 25th
participants will see their default cart  at their desingated location, if you have customized your cart we will remove the default cart for you if you send a IM to us.
 Prim allowance per market cart is  80 -  Please do not place  items in the paths of hunters and shoppers.

 You can use any design, or theme or not use the cart at all, the important  point whatever you create or modify the cart to be it must be no larger as the original. The market cart is 11 prims if you mod it and use less prims you can add those to your available allowance of 80. Please do not block the view of the carts next to you in your design or display setup.
Your location in the fair will be a cart with your stores logo on it or one rented is rental box paid.
no refunds will be issued and only for duplicate payments.

PLEASE NOTE: When you place your free hunt item inside the contents of the umbrella,  remember to check the SELL CONTENTS  NOT ORIGINAL on the umbrella object.

This is a hunt and one free item is required to be placed in the Umbrella for participation as to keep the confusion to a minimal as to where, and who does or doesn't have hunt item at their cart.
Better sales are realized by fair specials,exclusive items or a exclusive hunt item or a fair discount pricing., and promoted in your stores blog..this is not mandatory  but is good marketing and helps you increase sales at the fair.
There is no special theme required of participants although the Village theme will be spring.  

You can use LM and group joiners/givers at your cart as long is not the spamming local chat types,,touch,click is fine.

Please speak with fair organizers if you like to sponsor any events we will notify of any for sponsorship.
with sponsorships special signs and promotions can be customized for your stores brand..   

Have a great fair, we are always available to answer any questions 
Contact: Up4 Dawes or Rux Anatra  for more info inworld and to reserve your stores spot..

                            Thank you..


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