Monday, January 6, 2014

The Full Perm Fair-February 1st - February 24th

             Full permissions creators last week to reserve a spot at the fair

                   Secondlife Full Perm Creator your invited to participate in this event
                                MESh-Sculpties-Textures-Poses-Animations  Fair
                                  February 1st  February 24th 2014 at Old Europe
The February Full Permissions Mesh Sculpties-Textures Fair at Old Europe Village is now reserving market carts for this wonderful opportunity to increase your stores sales, expose your brand to the business community, and grow your brands group..Many creators participate at Old Europe's fairs because they get results. Starting it's third year for these very popular events at Old Europe. Many full permissions creators have returned fair after fair to this enchanting region to participate.
                                  Contact here or in-world up4 dawes or Rux Anatra 

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