Tuesday, November 19, 2013

YAY Winter's here! skating-sledding-snow ball fighting

YAY ! Winter at Old Europe and don't forget the snowman he's been waiting with a vengeful look on his not so innocent face. Come and join the Old Europe group and the gift is a wearable sleigh exclusive to Old Europe Village and not available elsewhere. Fly, walk with it rezz it almost anywhere even teleport to other locations wearing it for a impressive festive entrance.

Visit Old Europe Village ..Winter is here Ice skating-Singles Couples Ice skating tours -Sleigh tour holds up to 8 people-most enchanting time of the year!

FREE Skates with animations. SLURL below
It's snowing and the village is open and ready for 
ice skating-sledding-sleigh tour-couples ice skating and tour
  FREE Skates - and FREE Old Europe winter sweaters
snow ball fighting-Christmas tree decorating 
shopping, light shows on the ice and mulled wine
 and classic Christmas music..

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